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You (“A Vodafone Pre-paid or Post-Paid Subscriber”) hereby agree that You are a Indian Citizen domiciled & resident in India, having an active Vodafone Mobile Connection.

The Roam & Redeem, Outbound Loyalty Programme is brought to you by Travelling Connect B.V. in association with Vodafone Essar Limited, Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited, Vodafone Essar South Limited, Vodafone Essar Gujarat Limited, Vodafone Essar East Limited, Vodafone Essar Digilink Limited, Vodafone Essar Cellular Limited, Vodafone Essar Spacetel Limited in their respective telecom service areas (as listed herein below) (hereinafter referred to as “Vodafone”)

  • You hereby consent that by accessing this Website, You agree to be bound by the provisions of the following T&C. If You do not agree to the T&C set forth herein, You should discontinue the access to this Website.
  • Miles or points can be earned while roaming in India or abroad and is applicable for all voice calls within the Vodafone network in India or partner network abroad.
  • For Roaming within India on Vodafone Network, Voice calls eligible for Reward points include only outgoing roaming calls originated from the Vodafone network and excludes same state calls and outgoing Video Telephony calls.
  • For Roaming abroad in partner network, usage on incoming and outgoing voice calls, SMS and GPRS services will be calculated for points.
  • Roaming airtime is counted in one minute units and is rounded up to the whole minute.
  • Roam and Redeem Program is offered to all Vodafone postpaid and prepaid mobile subscribers.
  • In order to earn miles or points it is required that you are a Vodafone postpaid or prepaid mobile subscriber and hold a membership of any of the associated loyalty program. You are aware & agree that the Registration for Roam and Redeem Program is required.
  • The service is also subject to the terms and conditions of the loyalty program under which you have chosen to earn your miles or points.
  • Roaming Rewards will be credited to the member's account two to six weeks after roaming within or outside India.
  • Miles or points earned as result of the use of Roam and Redeem Program will be credited under the name "Travelling Connect".
  • By enrolling you consent that Travelling Connect may send you an email or text message. The content of the email or text message will be related to this service.
  • You expressly understand and agree that the Roam and Redeem program is willingly being opted by You, thus rendering Your use of the Website, including any provision of information by You, purely at You’s sole discretion and responsibility.
  • You hereby agree to indemnify Vodafone & Travelling Connect B.V. its affiliates, Directors, partners, officers & employees against any third party action, claims, losses, liabilities, (incl. legal costs) etc. arising in relation to the information that You provides on the Website.

Travelling Connect B.V. and / or Vodafone reserve their right to change / modify these terms and conditions, at any time at its own discretion, without assigning any reason. Travelling Connect B.V. and / or Vodafone shall have the right to suspend this programme and Travelling Connect B.V. and / or Vodafone shall not be obliged to give any prior notice for aforesaid change / modification / suspension.

Any dispute/matter arising out of or in relation to this Program is subject to jurisdiction of competent court/s of Mumbai alone.

***List of Telecom Service Areas (including list of Circles )

Name of the Vodafone Essar Entity

Respective Circles in which they operate

Vodafone Essar Limited


Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited


Vodafone Essar East Ltd


Vodafone Essar Gujarat Ltd


Vodafone Essar South Ltd


Andhra Pradesh


UP (West)


West Bengal

Vodafone Essar Digilink Ltd



UP (East)

Vodafone Essar Cellular Limited

Maharashtra & Goa


Tamil Nadu


Vodafone Essar Spacetel Ltd





Himachal Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir



North East

Madhya Pradesh